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Stalker Online is a open world post-apocalyptic Survival MMORPG loosely based on the "Roadside picnic" or 'Пикник на обочин' novel written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

Stalker Online is free to play, with the ability to purchase 'premium' status and 'golden rubles' currency to boost your experience gains or acquire specific items.

The game client supports Russian and English language. The developers are Russian though, so new content might occasionally be available only in Russian.


Three servers are open to play on. The servers were launched in the following order:

  1. MSK (Moscow) - 2012/13
  2. SPB (St. Petersburg) - 2014
  3. EKB (Ekaterinburg) - 2017/18

Links Edit

The official website of the game is here:

The official game forums are here:

If you can read russian, it might also be worth to visit the Russian community's Stalker Online Wiki

New Players Edit

Here are some helpful hints that might help you in your journey in the Zone. Getting Started

For another 20 useful hints revolving specifically around artifacts and containers click here.

Update NewsEdit

November 29th, 2018 - Stalkers, the new character Update is finally live on both MSK and SPB servers! When you log back into your account for the first time after this patch you will need to "upgrade" your now outdated character in the character selection screen. You can then adjust your looks and the clothing you will be given.

After logging back into the game, you will find that most of the old armors and some of the old weapons have been removed or replaced. If you had premium armor (f.e. armored suits) before which was bought with your own golden rubles, you have been compensated with a respective amount of tokens. You can exchange these tokens for weapons and armors at the Airport.

Make sure to check out the full list of new armors here.

Some major new features:

  • The new character movement is here
  • New gear has arrived in the zone
  • Aiming in first person perspective is now possible
  • Weapons have been reworked for more in-depth modding possibilites
  • Bullets now need to be filled into magazines and clips, similar to DayZ Standalone
  • Scopes have been altered to fit the new first person aiming and the developers apparently took some inspiration from Escape from Tarkov while doing so

You can find the full patch notes for this massive Update here.

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