Prototype Magnetic Grip DeviceEdit

The prototype magnetic grip device is a recent invention. It allows a stalker to retrieve artifacts or items from a short range away... very handy when said item is in the middle of an anomoly.

The device requires power to use, in the form of 9v 'salt batteries'. 5 of these are required to 'turn on' the device, and another 20 to attempt to retrieve something.

To use the device, you first open your inventory and right-click the device and select use. This will consume 5 batteries, and display the device on the left side of your screen. Any nearby items will display as blips on the device screen. Blips inside the inner square may be click on to attempt to grip that item.

Once you have clicked on a blip, 20 batteries are consumed, and a number or arrow will appear in the first slot of the device. Quickly press that number or arrow, and continue to do so as the remaining four slots fill in. Correctly hitting all five keys within the few seconds allotted will result in the item being retrieved. Failing will result in no change, other than the 20 batteries being consumed.

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