Looking for Charon
Vital statistics
Quest Looking for Charon
Map Station
Location A1-4
Npc Station Watchman
Quest Chain
Looking for Charon


The Station Watchman told you to find a man named Charon. He can be found in a structure in between B1-3 and B1-4.


  1. Head for the structure in the swamps, in sectors B1-3 and B1-4
  2. Go into the building.
  3. Quest will be updated sending you back to the Station Watchman.


Charon's hut has a few things of interest in it. There's a cabinet drawer behind the stairs as you walk in that'll give you 100 [7.62x38R] for your [Nagant Revolver]. You can also find, on the counter a bag. Inside the bag contains a key. You use this key to open up the mailbox hanging on the gate/entryway into the courtyard of Charon's hut.

Hidden task mailbox

The mailbox you can open with the key.

Opening the mailbox rewards you with tea.

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