Основание/Probable Enemy
Vital statistics
Quest Основание/Probable Enemy
Map Vesuvius
Location Ж3-2
Npc Vanya
Money Reward 10000
Quest Chain
Express Delivery
Eliminating Fiends
Снайперская работа
Серийный охотник
Оружейный взнос
Покойся с миром
Подушка безопасности
Деловые связи
Сеятель хаоса

Spy on the white for VanyaEdit

Probable Enemy

Probable Enemy



☀Vanya is going to bring "order" in the region and wants to know the weaknesses of a potential enemy. It is necessary to examine the position of the "white" and the volcano. To do this, it gives you a pair of binoculars with which you will be monitored to a certain position. after the arrival of the position must be equipped with binoculars, which gave Vanya and monitor at least one minute Edit

1. North position - Surroundings Liubech П7-1 (lower left corner) Edit

2. East position - Surroundings Liubech Р7-3 (below middle) Edit

3. Inspect the volcano from a position В8-Г8 - Vesuvius border В8-2/4 Г8-1/3 Edit

4. Inspect the volcano from a position of Г6 - Vesuvius Г6-1 (lower left corner) Edit

5. Inspect the volcano from a position of Ж5 - Vesuvius border Е5-4 Ж5-3 Edit

Reward: Edit

Money: 10000 Edit

Experience: 4200-survival-4200 support Edit


☀DO NOT EQUIP THE BINOCULARS UNTIL THE JOURNAL UPDATES, you do not have to use them, just hang out for at least a minute, When the journal updates again put the Binoculars in your backpack and go to the next point,  when the journal updates again equip the Binoculars. rinse repeat for all locations. Edit



I have included a  video showing what to click in the dialog, if you click the wrong thing you end up on a different quest, I have not been able to find out anything on that quest yet. Edit




☀This task must be run 5 times. You can take the job again at 12 am, (at the moment it appears that we cannot progress in the quest chain until it is done 5 times) Edit

After the quest for the fifth time, the reward: Edit

Money: 15000 p Edit

Experience: 7000-survival-7000 support Edit

things: binoculars Edit